With the storm system hanging around all week, Pyramid should continue to fish great

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Trout Creek Outfitters
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Last weekend (President’s day weekend), we saw some beautiful weather with warm, sunny days and not a breath of wind. This was one of the busiest weekends on the lake this year with very few people catching more than a fish or two… Ouch! Fast forward to later in the week and this latest storm pushing through, the lake is right back to fishing great, funny how that works. When we get a high-pressure system in the middle of the winter out here, the fishing will die off quick, but as long as there is some degree of cloud cover, or a bit of wind, the lake will be fishing ok. Always keep an eye on the weather when heading out here for the day, and if its looking like some false spring conditions in the next few weeks, you may consider fishing the river instead.

With the storm system hanging around all week, Pyramid should continue to fish great. The flurries of activity have been a bit random, one day being fast a furious right at sun up, and the week before being a slow continuous bite throughout the afternoon, and this is why you see people tough it out from sun up to sun down, waiting for that window of great fishing. When the fish are around you want to make sure you are too, with your flies in the water and remaining ready to strike when your moment arrives. These long days can be physically and mentally taxing, with a lot of “what the hell am I doing here” moments, but that’s a big part of the appeal for some, and then again some just don’t get it (usually until they hook a big fish). Of course, the beauty of the lake is awe inspiring and when the fishing’s slow, there is plenty of time to soak it in. more times than not, these moments of disruption are when the fish strikes, almost as if they knew, and sometimes I do really wonder.

The midges are continuing to come out in force along the beaches with submerged tufa rock, and we’ve been doing best on double midge set up’s under the indicator on beaches such as South Warrior Pont, Spider, or Pelican. If large waves are present or fishing a beach with a sandy bottom, leeches will still be putting a few fish in the net and it be worth rigging a leech and midge combo. We have been finding success fishing these rigs at a depth of 6-9 feet, sometimes going shallower early in the mornings or going deeper if you’re fishing a significant drop off or when sunny days are prevalent. The strip bite has really put some large fish in the nets this week and if you looking to chuck your sinking line all day, consider fishing one of the more consistent drops offs such as The Nets, Windless Bay or Warrior Point, to name a few.

As we come into the best time of year to fish out here, now is the time to neglect your chores, forget about previous obligations and grind in search of the fish of a lifetime. You will only be asking what the hell you’re doing out here until you feel the power of that large cutthroat on the other end of your line, after that there’s no more questioning it..

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