The Truckee seems to be in transition from winter to spring conditions

Truckee River

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The Truckee seems to be in transition from winter to spring conditions. Higher up in the system it’s still fishing very much like early March, small baetis and midges, paired with worms, eggs and stones. Lower in the system it’s feeling a bit more like spring, with good baetis hatches mid-day and a solid streamer bite. There is also a noticeable size discrepancy on the BWO’s depending on the section of river, with the CA side baetis averaging a size 18-20 and the ones down low in more of a 16.

We have seen the bite remain best later in the day with good fishing still happening from 11 until dark, thanks to warming water temps and mid-day hatches. We are continuing to see some Skwala nymphs around when flipping rocks, but we’ve seen very few adults thus far, and haven’t had a lot of luck fishing them under the indicator, with baetis and midges still reigning supreme. This could very well change with the warmer days ahead, and we usually see these early season stoneflies really pop on warm spring days with no wind.

The rainbows have just started to show signs of being in pre-spawn and while we are still finding them in relatively slow water, they are sitting in shallower runs now. Once we see the river come up a few more degrees, they will transition into shallow rocky riffles, at which point we ask everyone to keep an eye out for their spawning beds or “redds”, or any fish exhibiting spawn behavior such as pairing up in shallow water, chasing each other around, or creating these redds by clearing gravel using their tails. Please avoid targeting these fish to ensure a successful spawn and protect this wild trout fishery. If you are unfamiliar on what to look for or have any questions about the rainbow spawn, please give us a call or stop in the shop and we are happy to explain.

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