The Truckee is currently in excellent shape

Truckee River

by Trout Creek Outfitters
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The Truckee is currently in excellent shape. The flows, water temps, and water clarity are all great. Both the fish and bugs have responded very well to the ideal conditions. With great hatches of a wide variety of bugs, you can use several different imitations to catch fish right now. We continue to see spring bugs like March Browns, BWO’s, and Midges, as well as the typical summer hatches like PMD’s, Green Drakes, Caddis, Golden Stones, and Yellow Sallies. We are finding fish holding right where they should, in pocket water and riffles, not so much it the tail outs, or conversely not in the very top of a run in the fast and turbulent water. This water type is very conducive for Euro nymphing and this has been an effective technique as of late, although indicators or dry dropper set ups are also a great option.

The fishing remains good throughout the day, however with the longer days, the fish are currently a bit less active during high noon. With that said, focusing on the mid-morning hours or again around dusk will provide the best fishing currently. With plenty of river miles and more stable conditions here on the “Main Truckee” we are grateful to have this consistent, albeit technical, fishery to fall back on when human controlled waters such as the Little Truckee get messed with right during the height of our fishing season. 

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