It's Almost Time, Break Out The Ladders

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Pyramid Fly Co.

This month we have been strapped in riding a roller coaster of weather patterns portraying that once again, quality over quantity is always preferred.  As we slide off a warm high pressure system with fish spread all through out the water column and a low pressure cold front hitting us now we will be putting the watercraft awayin the next couple weeks and gearing up for another amazing season chasing these ginormous cutthroat along Pyramids vast shorelines.

So far we have ran into a great number of double digit fish along with a few in the 20 pound plus class already.  We can say with confidence it's going to be an excellent big fish season.

With the lake flipping just days into the season we were finding bait and trout spread all over the lake.  A bit more spread than normal thus making it harder to target large schools, but showing us that shore fishing is fast approaching.  The fish have been feasting on the tui chub that school up allowing the cutthroat to feast and pack on the pounds.  

 As we move to shore we will begin focusing on heavy drop offs and ledges that allow these predatory fish to ambush their prey.  Casting heavy sink lines over these drop offs and getting those flies down near the bottom is key.  As well as bobber fishing the ledges and letting those flies work the strike zones.While stripping is exciting all those flies to always be in the zone often proves more effective.  Wooly buggers, streamers, beetles and boobies are the most common paired up with sink lines.  And this time of the season the balanced leeches and baitfish will be the main bug of choice under the bobber now until the baitfish really spread out.This time of the season we are definitely trophy hunting.  It's not a necessarily a numbers game, but more of a fat fired up trophy fish time of the season.  The big fish are roaming sucking down meals in their way.  Heavy tippet and hot monster cutthroat screams November!

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