The Truckee is in fantastic shape through both Nevada and California

Truckee River

by Reno Fly Shop

The Truckee is in fantastic shape through both Nevada and California. It seems flows have fully stabilized on the NV side following irrigation diversions and we now have settled into flow profiles that will remain until winter storms begin.

As mentioned abve the brown trout are in full spawn mode. Please give them a wide berth. In a couple weeks the browns should finish their spawn and disperse to their typical haunts. That is the time to get back after them and the streamer bite should pick back up and be good for quite a while.

Nymphing has been the primary tactic we have found to put fish in the net. ESN, indicator or even dry dropper have been a great approach. Often asked what flies to choose. Simply put, a thin bodied dark nymph. Some suggestions on flies that fit the bill. NEW Perdi Bomb, Perigon, French Nymph, Spanish Bullet, Quill Jig and Galloups Jig BWO 

As we progress in to Winter. It won’t take much for the Blue Winged Olive mayfly to begin hatching on the river. This often can be the best and most consistent dry fly fishing of the year. Conditions to look for are cloudy cool days that have a slight drizzle. You don’t need all of these conditions for a hatch to occur but look for some or all of these for a great time on the water.. The Baetis Cripple and the Pull Over BWO work great in a size 18. The Griffiths Gnat will work well as a dry when fish are keyed in on midges. 

Flies we Suggest: Spanish Bullet,Perdigon, Jig TNT’s, Psycho May, Galloup’s Jig BWO, Baetis Cripple, Pull Over BWO, Griffiths Gnat, Barely Legal, Cheech Leech, Sparkle Minnow, Dolly Llama


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