Winter is here and the river is fishing well

Truckee River

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Winter is here and the river is fishing well. You can really tell when winter fishing is in full swing when we get a lot of reports of white fish being caught. It seems they almost disappear during the summertime, but reappear during winter. They are just a blast to catch and are a true native species to the Truckee. Flows have remained steady and quite consistent. The afternoons are definitely the best time to be out fishing after the water has warmed up. The fish are more active. Flows on the Truckee River are 65 CFS in the town of Truckee, 115 CFS near Glenshire and 454 CFS at the stateline.

Tips for the Week

Nymph fishing this time of year is definitely going to be your bread and butter technique to catch more fish. There are still times of good midge and and blue wing olive hatches, but they can be few and far between. And if I go out early in the mornings I’ll still start with a streamer looking for that big or aggressive fish.

Suggested Flies or Lures

Some suggested flies to try on the Truckee River right now are Dark olive two bit hookers, darth baetis olives, juju baetis dark, and olive zebra midge