Fishing the river has been challenging lately, but always rewarding

Truckee River

TCO Guides, Mike Doubek & Finn Loper on a day off together

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If you’re looking for the aforementioned challenge and inspiration, the Truckee River is full of it right now. Fishing the river has been challenging lately, but always rewarding. The cold weather has fully settled in, and the snow is sticking to the mountains and ridgelines above the river. The banks are still largely snow free throughout most of the canyon, but the air temperature is down below freezing most nights and dragging water temperature down with it. The water temperature has been bouncing between 35-39 degrees lately. The flows are stable and mellow. While the fishing isn’t red hot, the river is still producing fish for those who put in the effort.

For those who are passionate about fly fishing, fishing all seasons will make you a better angler. There is no doubt about that. Understanding how fish position and reposition, adapting to changes in their environment will help you attain more consistent results. We fish this river year-round. One thing that we can tell you with certainty, is that the fish move between lays on a regular basis. Just like fisherman have a routine, so too do the fish. Learning how to tap into that routine during the winter months will help you build confidence when exploring new water or fishing under new conditions, such as cold weather. If you’ve never caught a fish on the river in the winter, make it a goal this year. Then next time you find yourself planning a trip for winter steelhead, you’ll be able to fish with more confidence. If you have any questions about the type of water you should be targeting in the winter, always feel free to give us a call or stop by the shop and we will be happy to help, since we’re fishing every week. Lately, we’ve been finding our fish in deep, slow-moving water. Lighter leader this time of the year, and fishing small bugs can make the difference between having a great day and getting skunked. The hatches are not prolific this time of the year, so we go with what we know is in the water. BWO, Midges, worms and eggs are still the most consistent producers for the time being. 

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