Pyramid Lake continues to fish better and better

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

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Pyramid Lake continues to fish better and better, and while these storms may not really help the long-term snowpack on the Pacific Crest, it has definitely helped the short-term fishing out here. These smaller and warmer storms have also helped to keep the fishing conditions out here a bit more tolerable, especially compared to this time last year. However, we expect the fishing will slow down through the week as we come off the full moon and have a number of high-pressure days forecasted. This should change by Thursday the 1st, as we fall into a pattern of low-pressure systems for a week or more. For those looking for a good time to plan a trip out here, the first week of February looks promising. The fly selection hasn’t changed much this week, with some days being all about the midge bite, other days about the leech, and the occasional fish caught on the strip. This is more based on what the weather is doing and the beach you’re fishing, rather than the idea of some kind of hatch or collective consciousness by the trout. Be sure to have a great assortment of bugs and a willingness to swap out patterns until you find your golden ticket for the day (or maybe even the hour). In general, we find that the bug we have the best luck on during the winter would be larger than those that we fish in the spring. This would be the case for both midges and leeches, with midges in a size 10-12 often best and larger profiles on your leeches often outfishing the skinner leeches we prefer in the spring. If indicator fishing, focus on depths of 8-14 feet and areas with a significant drop off. 

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The Mid is firing
Pyramid Lake

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