Pyramid continues to get better and better with each passing storm

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Trout Creek Outfitters
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Pyramid continues to get better and better with each passing storm. The sunny, calm days are still proving to be far slower than the days with cloud cover and wind present, so choose your days to fish here wisely. We are now creeping up towards the prime months for fishing out here, and along with the improved bite we will see a large increase in the crowds. Be sure to give other anglers the common courtesy of ample space when choosing where to fish. A simple, “Hey, is it okay if I fish over here?” is typically sufficient, and often it can start up a great conversation starting with fishing and ending in any number of directions. We have met a lot of great people out here over the years, and a lot of them end up becoming close friends. Others may not want company when fishing. In which case, that should be respected, and you should consider giving a lot of space or just simply moving on. No reason to get upset if someone doesn’t want your company - remember, it’s just fishing! 

While it may sound ridiculous, we do believe these fish can sense your vibes, and positivity can help with more than just the attitude of those you share the beach with.

We continue to do well along most beaches, with the beaches around the middle of the lake possibly providing a slight advantage on some days recently. For first timers out here, we often recommend Pelican Point, as there is a lot of great fishable shoreline, easy access from the main road, and there are pretty much always a few fish around. Come springtime, this is widely considered the beach to be at daily. The fish will regularly congregate here, coinciding with their spawn. However, this is far from the only beach you should be fishing during this time. Come spring, beaches with shallower shoals such as Nets, Windless, and Warrior point can also be successful options – especially for those who prefer to strip beetles. There are fish cruising on literally every single beach. And, on any given day, one beach will fish better than any another.

We continue to do well on both midges and leeches fished under an indicator. This is far from groundbreaking information - we know. But, maybe that says something about Pyramid!

Every single angler fishing out here (hundreds on a typical day) fishes only a handful of different bugs every day, and a majority of those fisherman catch at least a few fish. There are only so many combinations of what is essentially these two different fly patterns that can exist. Collectively, these fish have probably seen them all, and have been fooled by most. What does this tell us? To us, it says that fly selection may not be as important as a lot of people say. We’ve heard people say you must fish skinny flies, small flies, black flies, etc. but we’ve seen these theories contradicted so many times over. We think that the single biggest factor for this lake is keeping your flies in front of fish.

This sounds easy, and oftentimes it is, but there are some nuances here. It comes down to reading water, much the same as you would do if you were on the river. You are looking for topographical and temporal features along the shoreline. A few key things would be drop-offs, shelves (these are different than drop-offs), points, rocks (both submerged and out of the water), coves, sand bars, shoals, current breaks, and mudlines. You are seeking out areas of high likelihood to have fish moving through in search of forage, and this can change depending on conditions or time of year. Without giving away the farm, we encourage you to research the idea of reading lake topography, and we ensure you will see improved success out here. A great place to start with this is the still-water legend, Phil Rowley. He has quite a few write ups on the topic and his peers such as Brian Chan and Denny Rickards are also great resources to investigate when learning where the fish will be in any given lake. We hope this helps you become a more successful angler out here. As always if you have any questions, please give us a call, or stop in the shop and we are happy to help! 

If you would like to go fishing with us please check out our website Trout Creek or call (530) 563-5119.

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