The Truckee fished excellently last week

Truckee River

by Trout Creek Outfitters
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The Truckee fished excellently last week with daytime temps reaching the mid 50’s during the middle of the week. This will change starting today as we are slated to get 8-10 feet of snow over the next few days. Yes, you read that right, 8-10 feet. This storm will be a doozy. This would be a great time to stay inside and tie up a few flies in anticipation of the warmer days ahead. But, if you just can’t wait and wanted to get out this week, we wouldn’t blame you. If you are looking to get on the river this week, be wise about where you decide to fish. The parking will be very limited and tromping through deep snow to the river is a lot of work. So, try and get as close as you can to the run you’re looking to fish and minimizing walking. The best bet for fishing the Truckee will likely be on the Nevada side, dependent on water clarity, where there is only 6-12 inches of snow expected. This is still a very significant amount for the Reno area, and travel time will be impeded, but parking should be much easier, and the lower elevation should make for better fishing during this big storm. We have begun to see quite a few Skwala stones crawling around on the banks recently and during the warmer days last week, there were even a few fish caught on the dries. These bugs make for an excellent dry for a dry dropper set up and once we get some warmer day once again, we would recommend giving this method a try on some of the skinnier sections of river like Glenshire, or some of the other smaller waters around. The overcast days expected this week will make nymph or streamer fishing the most reliable, but there will also be potential for some hatches of baetis and midges if it’s not too windy out. 

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