The Truckee saw a significant drop in flows along the entire river system this week

Truckee River

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The Truckee saw a significant drop in flows along the entire river system this week. Looking at the various gauging stations in the local creeks, it appears most of the drop in flows come from the smaller seasonal creeks as opposed to whatever is controlled by dams. This drop from 1,200 CFS to 750 CFS around Glenshire in under a week is a good indicator that the runoff period on the Truckee River will soon be behind us. Just around the corner, you’ll find us wet wading, tossing dry flies at dusk and we can’t wait. Overall, the last few weeks on the Truckee have been a bit tough, some days can be great, others can result in just a fish or two. For those that fish this river often, we come to expect those tough days here and there. In truth, those tough days seem to make the good ones just that much better. Regardless, if the day isn’t producing great numbers, there is always a shot at a big fish or two. When the water is high like right now, it will make for an exciting fight when you run into a bruiser. So, always be ready! 

In recent days, there’s been a greater mixture of bugs around due to rising water temperatures and longer days. We’ve seen baetis really start to fizzle out and bugs like PMD’s, caddis, yellow sallies, green drakes, and golden stones start to show up more and more when flipping rocks. With the flows dropping and a greater abundance of summer bugs showing, start mixing up your fly selection and steer away from the typical runoff bugs we have been recommending over the last few weeks. You may even be able to see a few fish rising this week. Dries and dry droppers will be good options in the months to come. Think PMD’s throughout the day, carpenter ants mid-day, and caddis in the evenings. As grasshoppers and golden stones begin to show, throwing small rubber leg stimulators can also elicit a few strikes here and there.

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