The fishing at Pyramid is starting to show some signs of improvement & signs big fish later

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Truckee River Outfitters
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There have been a few 5-10 fish days reported over the past week. The water is still cold in the mid 40's but we have had some warmer weather. As spring approaches longer days and warmer weather will bring the water temperatures up and the fish will start to get the urge to spawn. When this happens the fishing will ultimately improve over the next two months.

There is a high concentration of Tui Chubs in the lake this year, probably due to the influx of fresh water during run-off last spring. A lot of the Trout are out in deep water chowing on bait. We should catch some monsters this spring. When we get a big run-off year the alkalinity in the lake goes down and the fish in the lake get happy! The down side to this is, as the lake comes up it can make wading out to the shelf on beaches that we normally fish hard or even impossible to get to. This has played a major role this season as to the slow fishing we have had so far.

Shore anglers are going to have to get used to the idea of not being able to wade out to the self for a while until either we get some big wind events out there to reset the bottom or evaporation brings the water levels down so we can wade our farther. This is by no means the first time this has happened. This means it will make it even more important to:

1. Not fish crowded beaches,
2. Keep moving until you find fish and
3. Be a little more patient and pay attention to water temperatures.

All of our usual techniques are worth a try right now, it is not as much about what you are doing but where the fish are. For more information on Pyramid go to Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing.

Stream flows on the Truckee have been very consistent. Lack of snow has limited any run-off on warm days. The fishing has been fairly good for January and we have even seen some fish rising to Baetis and Midges on the surface on warmer afternoons. The water is really clear and easy to wade right now. It is important to take a little more stealthy approach than normal. Nymphing with smaller stoneflies, Baetis and Midge patterns in slower deeper pools...... Read More