Better access means better fishing on the Truckee River

Truckee River

by Truckee River Outfitters
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This has been one of the best winters on the Truckee in a long time. Access has been the biggest reason. With about a 30% snowpack in the Sierras, we have had little to no fluctuations in the flows and parking near the river and getting around has for the most part not been an issue. The river has been a little more crowded due to access and how slow the fishing has been at Pyramid. This time of year the best way to fish is any way you want! Type of water is the biggest key to success. The water is cold and has a lot of oxygen. This usually put fish in slower water. A good hatch however will move the fish around a bit to take advantage of an easy meal. Truckee River Outfitters guides have had some great days with clients over the past month. Baetis have been hatching and we have even seen some Skwala Stoneflies crawling around. The river has come up about 120 CFS over the past three days probably due to a little run-off from the last storm and some of the tributaries are up as well. Remember the river is still closed from Tahoe City to Truckee. Flows: Town of Truckee 315 CFS, Boca Bridge 498 CFS, Farad 493 CFS, Reno 529 CFS.

More Reports

There have been a few 5-10 fish days reported over the past week. The water is still cold in the mid 40's but we have had some warmer weather. As spring approaches longer days and warmer weather will bring the water temperatures up and the fish will start to get the urge to spawn. When this happens the fishing will ultimately improve over the next two months. There is a high concentration of Tui Chubs in the lake this year,...... Read More