After the recent snow storm, fishing on the Truckee went from poor, to good, to great!

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

After being shut out most of last week due to wind and snow, finally, I got back on the water with folks for the last three days. It went from poor, good, to great. I stayed on the East side of the Truckee River. The streamer bite was bad, nymphing good, and the dry dropper rig reined supreme, at least yesterday.

Fish have definitely spread out, and are back hanging in their favorite spring dive bars. Things should start crack'n here around Hirschdale, on the California side, like about this week. High's are suppose to be in the 70's, t-shirt weather, stoked. We should see some march browns pop'n, along with b-dubs and skwalas. Snow pack is about 65% in the Truckee River basin, should this week start some run-off? I'm sure we'll see some, but I'm betting it won't be huge. We'll be able to fish through it, I'm sure. It will be nothing like the last two years. Off color fishing is fun, tie up some big and nasties and bring it on.

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