The spring fishing is "Great" on the Truckee, or was it the "Old Guys" Gilligan was with

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

It's always great to take a few old timers out fishing. Maybe, I should say old schoolers, sorry Ed, and Dwayne. They have usually seen a lot of water, and always have good stories from a lifelong of fishing trips to tell. Sometimes they bring cool rods, like an old Fisher, or Sage LL, with old Hardy's, or Cimmaron's attached. They're patient and courteous, and I always appreciate that, but when they start fishing it's all business.

I did a few days on the Eastside of the Truckee River, it was high and muddy. We threw streamers, dead drifted streamers, and threw all the gnarly shit in my box I never use, they ate it all. I had to change my game a bit, and adjust to the high flows, and we ended up finding fish. The spring fishing is great this year, and should continue right on through.

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