Gilligan sneaks in a session for himself

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

I often get asked if I get out to fish for myself much. This time of year, not really, I'm busy guiding. I get my time in, trust me. I go out to check the river often, but it's short fishing stints.

Late fall and winter are usually when I get most of my fishing time in. I'm on the water every day and I know whats going on, but now for me, I usually just get out for the evening caddis hatches, mostly in front of my house in flip flops and a beer in hand.

Today though, I got a nice long session in. I fished through one of my favorite spots on the Cali side, walking through the Cottonwoods and Ponderosa and old growth Jeffery pine. My country. No one out trying to low hole me in their newest gear, no bait dunkers that I have to call into the warden, just Elliot and me. There is a phenomenal pmd hatch mid-day, caddis are just getting going, drakes are hit and miss.

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