The flows are up on the Truckee & we have to work a little harder for those trout

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

It's rafting season near Tahoe City and flows are up to accommodate the almighty rafting dollar. Bummer, as they have water coming out of Boca as well. I was just settling in for an easy summer of guiding, looks like I'll be working for them trouts a little harder than usual. Flows in Truckee are about 350, Hirschdale 750, and around Reno, near 600.

Water temps below Hirschdale on the Cali side are still a cool 56-58 degrees despite last weeks heat wave. With the flows like this your best bet is to fish the Glenshire stretch to the inlet of the Little Truckee. Green Drakes are still out and about, caddis, goldens and yellow stones. It's that time of season when fish feed heavily on caddis, crayfish, and stones. The evening blitz of caddis and stones have arrived, stay late and look for risers. My snowshoe sally has been making for some sore lips of late.

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