The thunderstorms have cooled the Truckee River a bit & created cloud cover which really helped

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Much of the same here on the Truckee River. Hit it early, get off the water around lunch time. Thank God we have been saved by thunderstorms the last couple days. It has cooled the water a bit and made for some left over cloud cover at starting time. Crays, stones, caddis, baetis. Crays making up the bulk of food for Truckee trout. We had some crazy ass big fish takes on the cray stripped this week. It's terrestrial time too. Hoppers and ants can work wonders this time of year. Not to much going on in the evenings anymore, but there are some caddis and sallys coming off right before dark. Nights should cool here shortly making for some more consistent fishing. We are getting fish, but we're working harder than I like. Had the pleasure to guide Nigel the owner of Dinsmore shots the last few days. Nigel lost a lot of nice fish. Welcome to the Truckee River Nigel. Some dogs days of August shots.

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