As the fall rolls around, look for the Brown trout to be more active on the Truckee

Truckee River

by Truckee River Outfitters
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The flows on the Truckee have been very consistent all summer. There is still plenty of water storage in Lake Tahoe so look for the water conditions to be very similar through September. As the water cools and the summer traffic settles down, look for the water to get cleaner and clearer than ever. The river is already starting to take on a fall feel. In the fall the Brown Trout get really active and eventually spawn. They are already starting to get more active and move around looking for food and staging areas for their yearly routine.

October Caddis should start to show themselves by the middle of September, especially on the California side. By the end of September, Baetis and some Fall Caddis should start to appear as well.

This fall has the potential to be outstanding. There are really no negatives that we can find that would lead us to believe that the Truckee will not be as good as it gets in both California and Nevada. This is Big Fish Season!