Fishing on the Truckee has pretty good for some and tough for others

Truckee River

by Truckee River Outfitters
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The flows on the River spiked yesterday from a monster thunderstorm in the Truckee area. It should not affect the river for very long and should be back to normal by the time you read this. What it has done is given the river a shot of cold water and stirred things up a bit after some very consistent flows over the past couple of months. It can only help the fishing and conditions unless you were one of the ones standing under a bridge waiting for the rain to stop on Tuesday afternoon.

The river is in great shape. The fishing has pretty good for some and tough for others but that is always the case on the Truckee. Fish seemed to have moved into faster water due to the water temperatures. "High Sticking" in pocket water has been a ton of fun and been producing over the past few weeks, especially on the California side. The type of water that the fish are in right now is tougher to wade for sure. Look for some areas that you would not like to be in and fish there. The larger runs and pools just don't have as much food and oxygen right now. Crayfish are molting and there are still a few Stoneflies around. Dead drifting these patterns with a smaller dropper and some added weight has been really effective. You can do it with an indicator but in faster water the indicator can also pull your flies out of holding areas too quickly. That is where High Sticking "Floater No Cator" style has really made a difference with better anglers. Look for conditions to get even better over the next few weeks as temperatures start to cool and kids go back to school. Don't forget your wading staff!