A Midge is the key to good fishing on the Truckee right now

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Winter is upon us. Snow is the forecast for the next few weeks and it is cold out. Hirschdale shouldn't venture far out of the 30's for daytime highs at least for the next month, or so. At night we will be well below zero at times. Whatever, fish still need to eat. If you need to wet a line, remember, start later in the day, fish the frog water, and become friends with your midge box, those little ass flies that you can't see to tie on. Right now access on the river is not a problem on the Cali side, but that could change once we get a lot of snow. Basically, you'll have no place to park until the plows catch up and make some access for fisherman. Hopefully, the road to the Little Truckee will become inaccessible until spring. In Nevada it's much warmer and snow is usually not an issue. It's a desert and that's pretty much where I winter. Fish a run for a while until you hook up. Nymph up, swing some streamers on the two hander, fish a dry dropper rig. Have fun, you'll pretty much have the whole place to yourself. Fishing has actually been pretty good this last week despite the drop in daytime temps. Flows on the Truckee River are perfect. A bow from yesterday.

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