Tiger Trout ()

Tiger Trout

Tiger trout are a hybrid cross between a male Brown Trout and a female Brook Trout They have a unique, dark maze-like pattern all over a brownish, gray body. The belly is yellowish orange as are the pectoral, pelvic and anal fins. The tail fin is square.

Fishing Spots
Name Location
Adams-McGill Reservoir White River Valley, NV
American Flat Creek Orovada, NV
Angel Lake Wells, NV
Baily Fishing Pond Casron City, NV
Barley Creek Tonopah, NV
Barth Pit Carlin, NV
Basset Lake McGill, NV
Bassett Lake McGill, NV
Battle Mountain High School Pond NV,
Beatty Pond Beatty, NV
Beaver Dam Wash Panacea, NV
Beaver Dam Wash Mesquite, NV
Big Creek Austin, NV
Big Springs Reservoir Denio, NV
Bilk Creek Reservoir Denio, NV
Blue Lakes Denio, NV
Boulder City Urban Pond Boulder City, NV
Boulder Reservoir Gerlach, NV
Bruneau River Mountain City, NV
Bull Run Reservoir Owyhee, NV
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