The Truckee River flow is higher but is totally fishable from Truckee to about Prosser Creek

Truckee River

by Truckee River Outfitters
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Warm weather over the past week or so has sparked the run-off season. The river spiked at 2500 CFS on the 26th of April and has been dropping steadily since. Currently most of the river is at least 700 CFS and still too high to wade. It is starting to level out and Yo-Yo up and down with changing air temps during the day and night. The river is totally fishable in the Truckee area right now down to about the influx of Prosser Creek. That is where a bunch of tributaries are dumping in and making the flows much higher. The good news is Run-off should not last very long this spring due to lack of low elevation snowpack. In the next few weeks we should see some really good fish start to happen. The water should be at fishable levels when we get some of our best hatches including Carpenter Ants, Caddis, Little Yellow Stones and Green Drakes. Within the next couple of weeks look for some big springtime changes on the Truckee River. We should have some stellar fishing this season on the Truckee. Keep an eye on our fishing report on for updates on conditions on the Truckee.

Flows are - Town of Truckee 383CFS, Boca Bridge 670 CFS, Farad 739CFS and Reno 758 CFS.