This has been a stramge fishing season at Pyramid Lake, did it finish before it started?

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Truckee River Outfitters
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The water is starting to get pretty warm. As the spawn starts to peter out and water continues to warm the fish will start to head back out into deeper water for the summer. This has been one of, if not the strangest years in a long time at Pyramid. It seems to have ended before it ever got going. There are still some fish being caught from shore but there are not too many fish cruising the shallows. The best days are when the wind is blowing into the beach you are on creating some disturbance in the surf. This tends to bring in fish to feed. Cloud cover, first light and last light are starting to get more important as the water warms up and the sun gets higher in the sky. Nymphing with Maholo Midges and Nymphs continues to be a great way to catch some fish at Pyramid.