When the caddis hatch matches post run-off conditions, good fishing on the Truckee usually results

Truckee River

by Truckee River Outfitters
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Warm air temperatures and snow melt over the past week has the river rising and falling about 100-150 CFS daily. The flows are not too bad and the river is fishable but it is a little high. It looks really good but be careful wading. Due to the lack of snowpack and bigger run-off the river is still pretty clean. It does start to get a little off color in the afternoons but it will not be long until it starts to level out and take on its summer form.

The Caddis hatch is in its early stages on the lower river and will start to make its way upstream over the next month or so. Little Yellow Stones are usually not too far behind. This should be a great next few weeks to fish the Truckee. It has been a while since the early Caddis hatch has coincided with post run-off conditions. We should be in for some great evening rise conditions very soon if not right now. Look for non-windy afternoons and cloudy days. Nymphing with a Stonefly and a smaller dropper during the day has been working well. With the higher flows look to the edges of the river out of the main current for some fishy lies. Streamers fished on a short sink tip line can also be effective. Flows are: Town of Truckee 440 CFS, Boca Bridge 707 CFS, Farad 708 CFS and Reno 600 CFS. These flows are changing every few hours so keep an eye on them.