Flows are up on the Truckee, but the hatches are still good and so is the fishing

Truckee River

by Truckee River Outfitters
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You would think after an unusually light winter snowpack, the water master would be holding back a little water. A week ago that was the case but in the last 4-5 days flows have increased on the Truckee. While the river is fishable from Tahoe City through Reno it is just a little strange to see so much water being shifted to lower elevations after a low water year.

The stretch from Truckee to Boca Bridge has the best flows right now. There has been a few Green Drakes hatching anytime from mid day to late evening. There are not too many fish feeding on them on the surface but Nymphing with a Green Drake nymph pattern in a 10-12 has been catching some fish. There are also some Little Yellow Stones and Caddis hatching in the evenings as soon as the sun gets off the water and some PMDs in the mornings. From Boca downstream to the state line the evening dry fly action has been very good even with flows over 700 CFS. IF you are chasing the green drakes, this is where they are hatching right now.

The water is clear but the wading can be a little tough. Fish are holding on the edges and staying out of the main current. This can a good time to fish streamers along those edges with a short sink tip and/or a heavily weighted fly on heavy tippet. If you try nymphs, the most important thing is to use enough weight to get your flies down. 2 BB split shot is the minimum right now to get the job done. The Nevada side is a little lower but still higher than normal. Similar techniques to the Lower California side can be used for sure. There have been some good evening hatches of Little Yellow Stones and Caddis except for the last few days when the wind was out of control. It is supposed to cool off over the next week and the fishing should just get better and better. Flows are: Town of Truckee 360 CFS, Boca Bridge 733 CFS, Farad 752 CFS and Reno 600 CFS.