If you are fishing the Truckee pay special attention to the water, the hatches are very good

Truckee River

by Truckee River Outfitters
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The flows have come down on most of the river over the past few days. The Truckee is in great shape and has just about perfect flows from Tahoe City through Reno. A few things to keep an eye on this time of year are where the water is coming from. Most of the water is coming directly from Lake Tahoe right now. This puts more water in the upper stretches between Tahoe City and Truckee. The flows have been shut down some on the other three major tributaries. When the majority of the water is coming from Tahoe it usually means it has a better chance to warm up in the afternoons. The afternoons will start to get slow due to warm air and water temperatures, rafters, dog walkers etc. Your best bet is to beat them out in the morning and then show up again during the evening Caddis and Little Yellow Stone hatches.

In the mornings, High Stick Nymphing, Indicator Nymphing and Streamer fishing has all been effective. With the water a little lower it should be easier to wade and get to some of the deeper holes in the river. You still need a big lead fly and some split shot to get down to the fish. Golden Stones, Crayfish and even Green Drakes are a good choice for your top fly and Caddis and Little Yellow Stones in size 16 for your bottom fly. Sculpin, Minnow and Crayfish patterns will work for your streamer rig.

In the Evenings the hatches have been really good, especially on the Nevada side. Caddis seem to be out in force and the Little Yellow Stones are hatching as well. We have even seen some fish rising to them in the middle of the day. The best time to fish dries on the Truckee is right after the sun gets off the water. Look for shady areas where trees or other large objects have blocked the sun from the water. Hatches usually last up until it gets a little too dark to see your flies. Flows are: Town of Truckee 423 CFS, Boca Bridge 547 CFS, Farad 586 CFS and Reno 413 CFS.