Mid July on the Truckee and conditions are perfect!

Truckee River

by Truckee River Outfitters
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The flows have been really consistent over the past couple of weeks from Tahoe City down through Reno. Wet wading season is in full swing as summer conditions are in place. There are still plenty of bugs hatching in the evenings and we are on the doorstep of Crayfish season. If you look at the flows on the river you will see that most of the water in the Truckee is coming from Lake Tahoe. The water coming out of Lake Tahoe into the Truckee does so from the top of the water column. When this happens the water in the Truckee is usually warmer. As the water flows downstream it tends to warm up even more. For fishing purposes what this means is the best fishing times are mornings and evenings. The middle of the day can be pretty slow right now due to warm water, rafters, dog walkers etc. If you plan to fish the Truckee over the next month you should take this into consideration for best results.

We are still seeing some good evening hatches of Caddis and Little Yellow Stones throughout the system. It is a pretty short hatch and most of the fish being caught are after the sun is off the water. Nymphing in the mornings and evenings has been working well. The water is low enough to hone your "High Sticking" skills right now. Czech Nymphing is also working well. Two fly rigs with either a Crayfish or a Golden Stone as the lead fly and a smaller dropper like a Caddis or Little Yellow Stone is a good way to go. You still need to use some weight to get your flies down. Fish are pretty spread out and can be caught in all types of water. These conditions should remain the way to go for the next month or so.