The flows are down on the Truckee & there are the same number of fish, now is a good time to fish

Truckee River

by Truckee River Outfitters
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Although nighttime air temperatures have been way cooler the last couple of weeks around the town of Truckee, daytime temperatures have still been very warm. This has kept the water temps. up and slowed the normal fall changes to the fishing. The flows have been cut way back out of Lake Tahoe and most of the water in the system is coming from Boca Reservoir. This has really changed the dynamics of the upper river down through the Glenshire stretch. The flows around the town of Truckee have gone from 350CFS to 160CFS. In short the upper stretch of the Truckee is low and clear. The good news is that the wading is easier, the same number of fish are in way less water and probably easier to find. This would be a great time to do some Hopper Dropper fishing for sure.

The stretch below the confluence of the Little Truckee River is still flowing strong at 488CFS. Nothing has changed here much over the past couple of weeks. The water is still a little warm and really clear. Mornings and evenings are still the best time to fish. The fall hatches and normal changes to the river have not really gotten started yet. Nymphing either with an indicator or High Sticking "Floater No Cator" style has been the way to go. Use a little bit lighter tippet like 4X to 5X for sure. Small Stoneflies with an even smaller dropper in the 16 to 18 range should do the trick. The Nevada side has been fishing well. The water is still warm but it is starting to cool. The tubers are all but gone and the fish are starting to get the river back to themselves. It will not be long until the Brown Trout start to get active doing their normal fall routine. The only down side is the water is getting really low and clear. This has made it a little tougher to fish for sure. Nymphing "Floater No Cator" style has been really effective using a long leader and a couple of Bead Head nymphs. Stones are always a good bet with a smaller dropper like a Pheasant Tail. There have been some really nice fish caught just before dark lately as the sun gets off the water.