Truckee low and warm

Truckee River

by Nor Cal Fish Reports

Flows have dropped considerably and water temps have spiked to almost 68-70 during the latter part of the day now. This is just the beginning of summer and the outlook could be grim if the river doesn't get a bump in flow from the local reservoirs. Even 50 cfs would be something. I would only fish in the AM now but if you can't do that I would concentrate my efforts on the Canyon below Hirschdale or the Steps through Floriston. Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters (530) 587-4844. Mountain Hardware & Sports (530) 587-4844

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Nor Cal Fish Reports Reports
for Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Lake Almanor: Hex hatch on at Almanor
Lake Amador: Panfish biting at Amador
Anderson Reservoir: Anderson bass reliable
Lake Berryessa: Kokes, bass available at Berryessa
Boca Reservoir: Little water, some fish at Boca
Bucks Lake: Trout at inlets, kokes biting at Bucks
Calero Lake: Frog time at Calero
Lake Camanche: Camanche low and warm
Lake Chabot: Bait anglers score trout at Chabot
Clear Lake: Head north at Clear Lake
Collins Lake: Bluegill, cats biting at Collins Lake
Contra Loma Reservoir: Slow bite at Contra Loma
Convict Lake: Big trout at Convict Lake
Coyote Lake: Nothing easy at Coyote
Crowley Lake: Trout solid, perch starting at Crowley
Lake Davis: Bait, flies best at Davis
Del Valle Lake: Striper, cats prowling at Del Valle
Donner Lake: Good prospects at Donner
Eagle Lake: Trout going deeper at Eagle
Jackson Meadows Reservoir: Jackson Meadows still getting water
June Lake Loop: Mixed results on June Lake Loop
Lafayette Reservoir: Cats planted at Lafayette
Lake Alpine (Alpine): Fine bite at Alpine
Lewiston Lake: Anchor with bait at Lewiston
Lopez Lake : Trout, crappie biting at Lopez
Los Vaqueros Reservoir: LV trout plentiful
Mammoth Lakes : Basin pushing lunker trout
Lake Mendocino: Smallies providing Mendo action
Lake Oroville: Bass reluctant, salmon deep at Oroville
Pardee Reservoir: Pardee koke bite continues
Quarry Lakes: Poor trout bite at Quarry Lakes
San Luis Reservoir: Go early, get deep for San Luis stripers
San Pablo Reservoir: Trout biting bait at San Pablo
Santa Margarita Lake: Up and down prospects at Santa Margarita
Shadow Cliffs Reservoir: Catfish arrive at Shadow Cliffs
Shasta Lake: Evening action best at Shasta
Shaver Lake: Shaver kokes plentiful
Lake Sonoma: Sonoma bass bite on
Spicer Meadow Reservoir: Spicer worth the effort
Stampede Reservoir: Koke bite strong at Stampede
Trinity Lake: Trinity continues to drop
Uvas Reservoir: Decent cat action at Uvas
American River: Shad still biting in American
Napa River: Napa River bite takes a break
Sacramento River: Small stripers swarm Colusa
Sacramento River: Go light for Butte County stripers